Legal Research & Writing Workshop

About Legal Research & Writing Workshop:

Legal research and writing are the two most essential skills required in a person to become a successful lawyer irrespective of the field he wants to build his career, be it corporate or litigation. A lawyer who knows how to do legal research and put them in words in an orderly manner, is the lawyer that can frame winning arguments.

Researching is a skill that defines you! Skill that has the capacity to build your legal career.

We have organized this workshop to enlighten every young law aspirant or advocate with the types, process and methods of doing legal research and writing. Legal research and writing is an art and we want you to learn this art and embrace it your own way.

About LeDroit India:

LeDroit India is an online legal education platform that provide various certificate courses that promise the enhancement of your skills. Each of our courses are designed in a way to provide you a hands-on idea about the practical application of the skills you learn. We give personal attention to each of our users and assign a personal trainer to them who keeps a check on their progress and solves their queries within 24 hours. We serve all, from legal to business personnel.Our aim is to provide quality education at the minimum possible prices.

About the Speaker:

Speaker of the webinar is eminent personality Adv. Sneha Muralidharan , Constitution & Labour law expert who has done BA LL.B from the University of Pune and , LLM in Constitutional and Administrative Law, MA in psychology and have years of experience in Litigation.


  • What is Legal Research
  • Types of Legal Research
  • Different methods of doing a Legal Research
  • How to start with the Legal Research
  • Process of Legal Research
  • Usage of Websites and Citations in Legal Research
  • Sample materials illustrating how to implement the research done.
  • Preparing sample Notes
  • Creating writing plan- step-by-step guide
  • Doing final research
  • Writing an article /research paper/dissertation.
  • How to write an Article.

Perks Of Doing This Live Workshop:

  1. Internship Opportunity with LeDroit India
  2. Opportunity to publish your articles on LeDroit’s website.
  3. Recordings of the lectures
  4. Workshop Certificate
  5. Career Making Skill


The lecture is open to all law students.


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Important Dates:

Last date for registration- 11th March,2023 till 2:00 PM.

Date of the Workshop: 11th & 12th March,2023.


3 :00 PM IST


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Contact us: 

For more details, write to us at or call us at 6204801978.

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