About the Program

The aim of an NGO, like a welfare State, is not profit making, but welfare of the masses. As law is a noble profession, every lawyer must learn to provide pro bono services to the society. Being an intern at NGO, a law student will inculcate quality of leadership, teamwork, social awareness and more practicalities of life.

Gaining practical knowledge and experience as to know what has been the attitude of society towards the law is an essential, which every law student must master. This can be experienced only by engaging oneself persistently with the society and the best way of achieving this is to intern with an NGO.

Exclusively for Law Students who wish to do internship at NGO.

Duration: 1 month

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/9Kof6Cxosrf4Xoki7 

Perks:  Internship Certificate will be provided after successful completion of Internship.