Ms. Jahanvi Lila, Internships - Head

Ms. Jahanvi Lila is a lawyer, who has pursued 5-year law course from the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra. She has completed a certification course in legal drafting. She has a strong affinity for writing about socio-legal topics. When searching for internships for students, her persuasiveness, command over language, and in-depth study also come into play. Her administrative abilities have facilitated students’ access to internships. She is delighted to be a part of LawInternships and to be able to support the next generation as they establish their names.

Ms. Bhargabi Kundu, Social Media Manager

Ms. Bhargabi is pursuing professional degree of law from University of Calcutta. She believes that with theory, practical experience also is needed during law school as along with the experience of working with advocates and law firms, you get to increase your network. She also believes that one should explore and broaden their horizons and shouldn’t be stuck in one. She considers it as a great opportunity to serve the students via LawInternships (The Online Law School) through her designs. She is chuffed to be a part of LawInternships. 

Ms. Mansi Choudhary, Content Manager

Ms. Mansi Choudhary is an excellent writer and a law learner. She had published numerous blogs and articles in law journals, she also published a book named, “Can We Feel You Twice: Life?” as a co-author. She is a firm believer that all growth starts at the end of your comfort zone. She always remains excited and ready for her upcoming life and challenges. She is grateful to be a part of LawInternships and thrives to seek perfection.

Ms. Anushka Saini, Research Associate

Ms. Anushka Saini is an enrolled advocate under the state bar council, pursuing a post-graduate degree in Corporate and Financial Law and Policy from O.P. Jindal Global University. She has completed her five-year law degree specializing in business law from Chandigarh University and holds work experience under law firms and Legal technology-based platforms. She believes that a cumulation of these experiences guided her to think critically, outside the box and speak confidently. She regards it as an incredible chance to make a difference in the lives of law students by working with LawInternships (The Online Law School). She is ecstatic to be a member of LawInternships