Internship Opportunity at Shuruwat Foundation (NGO) [Online; 4 Weeks; No Stipend]: Apply Now!

About Shuruwat Foundation

Shuruwat Foundation is a government registered NGO. They started our organisation in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in 2019. We were recognised with the government in March, 2020. They have now extended the organisation in Uttarakhand as well. Shuruwat Foundation is a big family with big hearted people and aims to serve the society and people at large in the following domain:

   1. Human development, also helping needy old aged people to reach old aged home or promote their small businesses

   2. Environment development, planting trees and animal welfare

   3. Women safety and welfare, creating awareness

   4. Helping underprivileged people to get jobs and opportunities

   5. Children welfare

   6. Provide Internships

Roles & Responsibilities

Being the active group of changemakers, Shuruwat foundation is working towards providing social internships and reaching out to as many people as possible.

Week 1: Editorial

There is nothing stronger than being able to affect and create an impact using your words. Choose a topic related to social welfare/ social work and pen down your thoughts regarding the same.

Week 2: Fund Raising

Week 3: PR & Marketing

Interns need to spread awareness amongst people about how shuruwat foundation works and how is shuruwat foundation reaching to underprivileged section of society and working for them by providing basic amenities, also empowering women by doing various social work such as menstrual pad distribution, etc. interns will have to circulate posters and links of our social media handles so that more and more people reach out to us and together we could be of some use to the society.

Week 4: Social Welfare 

Interns have to do some social work for example – sanitary pads distribution, distribution of food etc.


Open for all. Everyone is invited to serve for the society, hence no qualification or experience.


Virtual internship


There is no stipend for the internship.

Duration of the Internship

The duration of the internship is 4 weeks.


  • Certificate of internship
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Development of social skills
  • Exposure to ground level work
  • Development of leadership skills

Contact Information

In case of queries, call +91 97556 25509

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