Ms. Simi Varghese, Corporate Relations and Event Head

Ms. Simi Varghese Tharakan has a graduation in Business Administration and a Masters in Applied Psychology. In addition to this she has graduated in TESOL. She has 12 plus years of experience in Finance, Human Resource and Administration from abroad. She left her position as Finance and HR Director to settle in Kerala, India in 2013. She learned that she has a lot to contribute to the student community here. She put her TESOL to use and joined the teaching field from 2013 in Kerala. She headed the primary department of a private school. Later, in 2016 she thought of contributing for a much nobler cause and gave up her teaching job to pursue LLB and is now in her final year. She believes age is just a number and one must always seek opportunities to enhance oneself in all manner possible. At 40 and an enthusiastic mother of three, she has to her name 3 paper presentations and publications. She has also been winner in 2 client consulting competition during her course. She joined Law Internships as Corporate Relations Officer in 2020 to contribute and bring forth a multifaceted platform to enrich the law students. She believes in a harmonious cooperation amongst the various bodies to project the significance of the legal fraternity to mould efficient and effective prospective lawyers.

Ms. Bhavya Bhatia, Placement Head

Bhavya Bhatia is a law graduate from School of law, Christ Deemed to be University, Bangalore. Studying law requires a number of challenges but landing a great internship is quite rewardable. Her excellent communication and research skills comes to play when in search of an Internship. She loves to help young legal minds to achieve their goals and build ones career. She is glad that a real world experience could be offered through lawinternships to many enthusiastic law students.

Mr. Abishake Castro, Corporate Relation Coordinator

Abishake Castro is an Multitalented personality, who excelled in academic, artistic, cultural and literary activities all through his student career, he is one of the best student orator of school of excellence in law, Tamilnadu.Dr.Ambedkar Law University, Chennai, he runs his own foundation organising international and national initiatives, he has a mission in his life to empower young generations through legal education, he believes that good legal research platform, internship opportunities, strong connectivity between bar, bench and academia only can strengthen legal fraternity, education and experience only is a way to excel in all fields, along with perseverance, focus, commitment, thirst to achieve and a heart to serve all, with all the above only we can make a change in this world.

Ms. Ridhi Jindal

Ridhi is a third-year student at Government Mohindra College, Patiala. Studying in a non-NLU college, she firmly believes that a good internship opportunity helps a student in gaining practical knowledge that the student might not be exposed to otherwise. She is of the opinion that LawInternships is an organization that helps a law student excel in their career through experiential learning and wants to do her every bit for helping out her fellow students!

Ms. Harshita Khare

Harshita is a fourth-year student at Institute of Law, Nirma University. She firmly believes that books can only impart knowledge but the learning is complete only when one gets to apply the knowledge in the field. It is very crucial for any law student to secure internships to learn and grow and she considers it a bliss to be able to help students learn by providing them internship opportunities through the LawInternships platform!