About Us

LawInternships (The Online Law School) started off with a vision to help law students achieve their dream internship with top notch lawyers, law firms, corporate bodies, and such. We strongly believe that true internship is one where students are allowed to actively participate and not just passive learning. Today we provide opportunities in the field of law to the students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We assist students at every turn to gain professional experience as well as to hone their legal skills while being enrolled in a full-time program. It gives us immense joy to see that our mission to pave a path for the young lawyers to be is becoming gradually and steadily. We are happy to see students who have approached us are placed under able mentors.

With that we also take pride in our vision for a full-fledged Online Law School which shall provide extensive education service. The objective is to forge a credible platform for the law aspirants who want to pursue and fulfil their educational requirements that is wholesome with practical exposure to relevant skills. The principles of Law Internships are coherent to its approach and performance. It is a response to the need of the hour, as is a personal effort on the part of a bunch of young professionals to give back to the community.

As mentioned for education to be wholesome it needs to be coupled with activities that will ensure active involvement of the law students. And Law Internships is one such organization which has arranged platforms that have branched out to not only legal internships but also national competitions and seminars by eminent personalities from the legal fraternity, certificate courses, law journal, placements and recruitments and University Connect Programs which further branches out into two narratives the Orientation and Internships Program and Internships Program. The school is unique and one of its kind which focuses on unlatching a law school wherein students will get an opportunity to hone their skills outside a classroom environment encouraging their holistic development.